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Three First World War themed applications

Carnets 14-18

Discover the application ‘Diaries 14-18’

"Diaries 14-18" is a completely free application that will allow you to discover exceptional sites of the Great War including: Lijssenthoek (Westhoek), Fromelles (Nord), Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Mont-Saint-Eloi, Vimy, Arras (Pas-de-Calais), Beaumont-Hamel (Somme) et le Chemin des Dames (Aisne).

Through the "Diaries 14-18", Guillaume Naylor, a young British film-maker, takes you back to the First World War in the footsteps of his ancestor. His grandfather, Andrew, was a British stretch-bearer, and with the help of his diaries, Guillaume not only gives a moving account but also relives his Grandfather’s inspiring story.
The “Diaries 14-18” application uses the latest technologies; its video and augmented reality send you on a journey back in time! Geolocation and an interactive map will allow you to easily orient yourself and navigate around the different sites of this route.


Test it out at the Newfoundland Memorial at Beaumont Hamel
Free Download via Appstore and Google Play
Clic here to download the english version
Clic here to download the german version
The application is part of the European project "Memory of the Great War" that extends from the North Sea to the Chemin des Dames.

Somme 14-18, Small Stories about the Great War

Somme 14-18
Click here to download the Somme 14-18 application!

Explore the Remembrance Trail and listen to stories of French, German, British, Australian, Canadian and South African military personnel and civilians who fought and lived through the First World War.
Through the stories of 12 fictional characters, learn about the history of an international war, trench warfare and a cruel and bloody conflict.
Geolocalisation, audio tracks and archive documents make it even easier to visit the Somme Battlefields and provide a different view of the Great War for all the family.   
The "Somme14-18" application was created with the support of FEADER. It is available at AppStore, Google Play and Windows Phone.

Visuel Victoria's Cross Application

Victoria Cross, the Heroes’ Trail

Click here to download the Victoria Cross application!
This trail stretches across the battlefields of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais through the Somme and down to the Aisne.
It consists of six itineraries and a mobile app that highlights the stories of 50 courageous soldiers who were awarded the most prestigious Military award of the British and Commonwealth forces.
12 British, Canadian, Australian, South African and New Zealand VC winners have been chosen for the Somme. Their heroic deeds are described at the exact place where they were carried out during the battles of 1916 and 1918.
Through geolocalisation, augmented reality and audio-guiding, learn about some of the most memorable feats of the First World War.
The"Victoria Cross" application was created as part of the Interreg IVa "Great War Between the lines" programme. It is available at AppStore and Google Play.

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Three First World War themed applications
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