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Flowers for peace

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Flowers for peace – From 8th to 11th November 2018

The "Flowers for Peace" project, certified by the First World War Centenary Partnership Program, put an end to the commemoration cycle of the centenary of the First World War in the Somme.

“A citizen gesture”

During the Great War, the Somme became a world arena of extremely deadly battles, especially during the Battle of the Somme (July 1 - November 18, 1916) or the battles of 1918, mobilizing and killing soldiers and workers from more than 25 nations all over the world.

Hundreds of thousands of men are buried there today, in the many cemeteries of the Somme.

To pay tribute to these men, the Department of the Somme invited people to make a ‘citizen gesture’ to remember and honour the men who fell on the battlefields during the four years of the conflict as well as men from the Somme who died on other war fronts.

The "Flowers for Peace" project was organized from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 November 2018.
Everyone was invited to visit one of the 318 military cemeteries of the Somme (see the map below) and to put a flower on a soldier’s grave or a war memorial.

Flowers for peace - Program
Fleurs pour la Paix Wéo
Fleurs pour la paix

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Flowers for peace

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