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Lochnagar Crater

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Lochnagar Crater

On the 1st July 1916, the men leaving their positions for battle at 7:30am had no idea that they were going towards almost certain death. To destroy parts of the German front line and create huge craters, several mines were blown minutes before the infantry assault was launched. Lochnagar Crater, measuring 90 metres in diameter and 20 metres in depth, was bought by Richard Dunning in 1978 and is the only crater to have been made accessible to the public. The Friends of Lochnagar Association, chaired by Richard Dunning, maintains and cares for the crater and its memorials.

On the 1st July each year a moving commemorative service in remembrance of the all the men who fought and died in the area is held at Lochnagar Crater. This service is organised by Richard Dunning and the Friends of Lochnagar. Please click here for information about the 2018 ceremony.

The Breton Calvary

Calvaire Breton
On the 17th December 1914, soldiers from Brittany launched an assault on Ovillers and La Boisselle. The attack ended in failure and losses were appalling: 19 officers, 1138 non-commissioned officers and men were killed, wounded or taken prisoner. The 19th Infantry Regiment was decimated. Amongst the officers killed was Lieutenant Augustin de Boisanger. Lying mortally wounded but still conscious on the battlefield, his men insisted he should evacuated from the battlefield. The lieutenant refused declaring “I will not abandon my Bretons” . In 1924, a Calvary was erected in tribute to de Boisanger and his men.


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Cratère Boisselle (8)
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POINT (2.6975 50.01535)