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New Exhibition Areas at the Historial in Péronne

Dedicated to the history of the medieval castle, the region of Péronne and the Australian involvement during the Great War, new exhibition halls can now be viewed in the courtyard of Péronne Castle.  

Before entering the Historial, Museum of the Great War’s permanent exhibition halls, located in the modern part of the building, visitors can now explore, upon request, the newly renovated Guardrooms in the castle courtyard.

This project, initiated and carried out by the Historial, began in  2012 and has received financial support from the French and Australian governments, FEADER/LeaderGal European funding and national development funding.        


A facet of local history…

The first hall is focused on the castle of Péronne, looking at its history throughout the centuries from the Middle Ages to the Great War.

While in the second, the region and local history surrounding the town of Péronne are highlighted by a film.


Australian Involvement

…In connection to the Great War.

 The third hall is focused on the Australian involvement in the Somme, their impressive feat of arms during the Battle of Mont-Saint-Quentin in 1918 and the consequent liberation of Péronne.


Strengthening Local Identity

Through these new exhibition halls, the Historial not only endeavors to provide answers to questions often posed by visitors surprised by the building’s medieval appearance, but also highlight the castle’s importance to local history.

The Historial therefore requested that the work be carried out with the help of Péronne’s Alfred Danicourt Museum and the Péronne Regional Archaeological Society.

More information about the Guardrooms:

Guardrooms leaflet
 Please note: annual closing of the Historial of Péronne from 13 December 2015 to 24 January 2016 (included)



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New Exhibition Areas at the Historial in Péronne
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