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Publications for the Centenary

The Somme Departmental Council and Somme Tourisme have published a selection of brochures entirely dedicated to the centenary of the First World War. Distributed throughout the Somme, these informative brochures help the visitor learn more about the area. They are available, free of charge, in most of the Somme's visitor centres, tourist offices and museums.

The Guide, Sites of the First World War

Guide Grande Guerre - Somme Tourisme

The Guide to the Sites of the First World War is the perfect guide book to accompany you on your journey through the Somme. It contains both historical information and all the useful information you need to make the most of your visit. It can be found in French and in English in all of the tourist offices and visitor centres of the Somme, or you can click on the link below to view online!

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The Remembrance Trail Leaflet

Remembrance Trail

This leaflet is a much smaller version of the Sites of the First World War guide book. It provides an overview of the Somme Remembrance Trail, an itinerary that links major sites of remembrance from Péronne to Albert.  The new edition has been written in four languages: French, English, German and Dutch, and was made possible by European funding in the context of the Interreg IVA “Great War Between the Lines” programme.

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Australians in the Somme

Australians in the Somme - Somme Tourisme

Somme Tourisme has just released its new brochure Australians in the Somme for the last year of the Centenary to better highlight the story of the Australian soldiers during the Great War. It covers well-known battlefields such as the battle of Pozières and the Australian victory in Villers-Bretonneux. This brochure is also a great way to discover the key points of the Australian offensives in the Somme and provides an overview of the Australian Remembrance Trail.


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The Programme of Events for the Centenary of the Great War in the Somme

Visuel semestriel 2018
The Department's Programme of Events was first published in January 2014. A new edition is released every six months and lists all the commemorative events that will be taking place in the Somme during the coming period. It can be found in all tourist offices and visitor centres in the Somme or can be viewed online (click on the link below). For more information about commemorative events in the Somme, please visit our online programme.

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Vivre en Somme - 1918 & The Post War Period

1918 & The Post War period
The Somme Departmental Council has just released a specal edition of the local magazine entitled Vivre en Somme. 1918 & The Post War Period has been produced in order to inform the local community and visitors to the area about how the First World War affected the Somme and its inhabitants. Subjects covered include the battles that raged through the Somme during the final year of war, the repercussions, the civilan point of view and reconstruction. The magazine is available for free in many tourist offices and museums in the Somme.

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The Somme 14-18: An International Destination

In addition to these brochures and to better highlight the battlefield destination, Somme Tourisme has also been associated with publishing houses including Bradt, Hachette and Gallimard.

Somme Tourisme has been working with Bradt, which has brought out a new travel guide written especially for the centenary of the Great War entitled “World War 1 Battlefields: A Travel Guide to the Western Front”. It covers the battlefields from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais to the Somme and the Aisne. Various themes are covered in the guidebook including the sites of remembrance, museums, major First World War centenary events and a focus on the heroes of the Great War; it also features a map of the Western Front. This new guide, co-financed as part of the European “Great War between the Lines” programme, is an excellent reference book for visiting the battlefields.


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Publications for the Centenary
From Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 November 2018, everyone was invited to visit one of the 318 military cemeteries of the Somme and to put a flower on a soldier’s grave or a war memorial.
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On Monday 25th April 2016, the 101st anniversary of ANZAC Day was commemorated at the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux. Take a look at  some of the photos of this very moving event.

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