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An international conflict

Because we wish to welcome – in the best possible manner – all those who join us for the centenary;
Because we wish for knowledge to be to shared - especially with the younger generations;
And because we would like the inhabitants of the Somme – the Samariens – to be able to leave accounts of their experiences alongside those of our visitors, who sometimes come from the other end of the world;
I am delighted to welcome you to our Great War centenary website; a website that is not only informative but where you are invited to join in and participate with this collective website.
You will find remembrance here; remembrance of the men, of what happened and of the historical places that unfold across our territory.
But, you will also have the opportunity to write history - your own history; your family’s history, the encounters made during the centenary and the moments that you will have lived through, together.
We want the emotion brought about by the commemorations to be clearly expressed here; to be present and tangible.
Let us hope, an underlying sense of fraternity be felt beyond this emotion; and written into our collective memories as a legacy for our future generations.
In this way, we will help to build - in an appeased manner - a future full of hope.

Conseil départemental de la Somme